Home Care Company has come up with a PET can which is an Aerosol dispenser to replace the tinplate and aluminum cans. The advantages of this PET can are:

  • Less expensive and less in weight than the traditional tinplate or aluminum cans.
  • Resist pressure better than the other two traditional types of cans.
  • Safe in case of explosion the only thing which can blow is only the valve while in case of the traditional cans it blows in 2 to 4 sharp pieces.
  • Leave no traces on any surface and recyclable.
  • Easy and economical in manufacturing.


Have a Fly, Mosquito or Wasp Problem ? Flit will instantly solve it !

* Flit Flying Insect Killer Aerosol :-

Instantly kills flying insects such as flies,mosquitoes and wasps.
While having a fresh & pleasant fragrance.
Flit Flying Insect Killer is available in 300 ml and 500ml size.
It is deadly to insects and is environmentally safe for humans .

– Quick and effective action is ensured when flit is applied the deadly formula well be active for weeks.
– Available in one size 300 ml.

– Flit Ant Killer has been formulated and tested to ensure the immediate
killing of all kinds of ants, including:-
– Household ants, Carpenter ants and Pharaoh ants.
– The deadly formula of Flit Ant killer not only kills ants immediately but also
prevents them from appearing in your home for months.
– It is deadly to insects and is environmentally safe for humans.

– Prestige Furniture Polish leaves a fresh and pleasant smell after use.

– Prestige Furniture Polish is available in two sizes 300 ml

– Is an antiseptic in the form on an aerosol spray.
– Has an outstanding effect.
– Kills bacteria when sprayed.
– Suitable for following uses:
– As air freshener to sanitize room air, kill harmful germs & act to
eliminate odors by mask bad smell like cigarette smoke.
– On telephones & other devices which may transmit bacteria from
one person to the other.
– In bathrooms both as air sanitizer & surface to kill germs & bacteria.
– In the kitchen to sanitize surfaces & after cooking to sanitize the air.
– on air conditioning grills periodically to kill bacteria and germs which
may accumulate after a while.
– Eliminate odors at source that actually caused by bacteria & germs.
– Used as a sprayed antiseptic to surface, refrigerator, under skins around pets & laundry baskets.
– Flitol Aerosol is available in one size 300ml.

– Ambiance comes in four perfumes:

Ambiance Bouquet.
Ambiance Boukhor.
Ambiance Rose.
Ambiance Jasmine.

– Ambiance is available in one size 300ml.