Over the years FLIT has been developing new products and new innovations and patents being the FIRST Insecticide in the world. FLIT has achieved a break through in the aerosol industry by innovating and commercializing the first Aerosol Plastic Bottle in the whole world. The new Aerosol Plastic Bottle is pressurized with liquefied petroleum gas and stands a pressure of 18 bar

new innovation

The patent innovation is suitable for:

– All kinds of aerosol products such as :
Insecticides, air freshener, furniture polish, shaving foam, deodorants, anti perspirent, hair spray ….etc.
– Safe for human and environment.
– Recyclable.
– Leaves no stains on surfaces.
– Suitable for all kinds of formulations:
Oil – water … etc.
– More cost effective than any other aerosol type of cans.
– Different looks:- transparent and different colors, opaque, semi opaque … etc.

The First Plastic Aerosol Dispenser.
New World and New Products.

“FLIT”                 The First Insecticide in the world &

“FLIT”                The First Aerosol Dispenser in the world