Flit Special Insect Killer has been launched in order to combat some special insects.
– Flit Special Insect Killer is available in: –

– Not only kills ants you see but also prevents ants from appearing in your home for weeks due to its deadly formula.
– Apply to ant trails for, prevention spray around doors, window, frames and wherever ants enter your home.
– It is available in two sizes 300 &500mll.

The most effective way to control a mouse infestation in your home or yard is poisonous mouse bait. Mice ingest the bait themselves and bring bait back to their nest to spread to other mice, quickly controlling an infestation. Baits can be used both indoors and outside, but should always be placed in tamper-resistant bait stations to protect children and pets.

is specially formulated to give protection to all fabrics and carpets against attack by cloth Moth, carpet Beetles and Wooly Bears. These insect infest clothes cupboard, drawers, carpets, curtains, soft furnishings…. etc. Because FLIT Moth Proofer is a dry and odourless formula it will not stain, spot, shrink or harm the most delicate fabric.

kills crawling insects where they hide. The penetrating crawling insect -killing fog reaches deep into hard-to-reach areas, cracks and crevices, and will not leave a wet, messy residue.