– Flit Crawling Insect Killer has been laboratory formulated and tested to instantly stop and kill cockroaches and other crawling insects.
– Flit Crawling Insect Killer penetrating vapor is capable of reaching and  killing insects in places where they hide and breed.
– FLIT Crawling Insect Killer kills in seconds and lasts for weeks.
– It is deadly to insects and is environmentally safe for humans.

– For long-term protection against cockroaches & ants.
– Apply Fit gel with the easy to use injection syringe to facilitate the reach of the formula into crack and crevices.
– Makes a full spread of flit gel in cracks and holes its deadly for insects and remain for months.

– Flit Dough easy to use against cockroach and ants with more safe for children & pets.
– Flit Dough Provides several months of long lasting cockroach and ant control.
– Flit Dough is odorlees.
– Flit Dough Safe to use and safe for pets.
– Flit Dough comes in one size 5 sachets x 50 grams.

– Quick and effective action is ensured when flit is applied the deadly formula well be active for weeks.
– Available in two sizes 300 and 500 ml.

– Creates a barrier that insects cannot cross and has a lasting killing powder that remain for months.
– Available in two sizes 125 and 35 gram.

– Indoor & outdoor insects killer.
– Kills on contact.
– Keeps killing for weeks
– Comes in to Sizes 1 liter & 4 liters.