• About US :

    Home Care was founded in 1987 in the city of 6th October Egypt by our chairman, Mr.Atef Gabr.
    Home Care Company (“HCC”) is one of the leading Egyptian industrial companies specialized in household care products. The company’s main activity is the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of insecticides under the international trade name “Flit”. HCC’s product range also includes a number of household care products for glass cleaning, furniture polish ,air fresheners and antiseptics.
    HCC currently exports its products, primarily the Flit range, to many Arab countries and namely Romania, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Sudan.

  • The company is also seeking new markets for its products especially in Eastern Europe and COMESA countries  HCC owns the Flit brand name which covers the following product range: flying insects killer, crawling insects killer, ant killer, moth killer, flea killer, powder insect killer, flit anti mosquito tablets (mats), and liquid flying and crawling insect killer. The company also produces insecticides under the brand name “Askari”. The insecticide range is complemented with other household products including shoe polish, air fresheners, fabric protectors, furniture polish, glass cleaners and disinfectants. HCC owns a large number of household brands in Egypt and other countries including Mr.Shine, Ambiance, Prestige, Irish Guard, Zay, Ouch, Crystal, Flitol Antiseptics and Gello Hand Sanitizer.
    We have three production plants all located in 6th October City, with a total area of more than 7500 sq.m .
    We care about our consumers, our communities, our employees and our future.